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It seems like the entire world is obsessed with snow at the moment; yes its been snowing on and off in the UK for the last week, and Yorkshire is being particularly hit by it, but they are acting as if its never happened before and are talking about how the country isn't prepared for snow.

Someone did at least make the point on the news that we usually aren't prepared for snow, because we are one of those mid range countries that don't always get snow. Countries that get it every single year are of course going to be more prepared; having better equipment, and people skilled in using it. We are doing the best we bloomin' well can with what we have available.

They talk about gritting the main roads but its the side roads and smaller roads which are were people slip, slide and get stuck. My little side road is dangerous in this sort of  weather because if your car slides on the ice, you are going to slide straight down into a main road! Someone tried to clear the pavement, but it snowed and refroze so theres now an icerink out there.

I think I'll stay inside where its warm and eat a nice hot properly baked potato - central heating for the body.

Some parts of the city are measuring in at -12C, but its a balmy -6C here; the bonus of  a few hours of sunlight. Its odd.  Part of the low temperature must be because of the wind, but I can hear the snow from the roof melting and dripping at the front of the house so the sun must be doing something...

At least I'm not in that village in Scotland where its -25C. Thats horrid!



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