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The greatest schemes....

....rarely go to plan.

I swear, someone sneaked in while I wasn't looking, and stole my energy.
It was there one minute and gone the next.

My sleep patterns have been crazy this week which might be to blame as could be the cold/bug I've had on and off for the last fortnight or a dozen other things.

Its one of those weekends where I have so much to do and all I feel up to doing is curl up under a duvet and nap. I should be sleeping right now but I can't get to sleep because of my sore throat and the not quite sinus headache that is being barely dented by painkillers - am posting this from my phone.

If I had had the energy today would have been spent on sorting the flat out as I am still tidying from moving everything to put my new shelves up. I also need to photograph a load of things, write a blog post, read and update various forums,sort out and do laundry and washing up, write an article, work on either of two sewing projects or half a dozen knitting ones, write 3 letters and somewhere in there find 5 mins of peace and quiet.

Instead today was spent vaguely tidying for about an hour, then curling up on the sofa under a duvet, popping cold meds, sipping ginger ale and knitting in front of The West Wing. Hardly the most productive of days, although I did get a good part of a sock knitted. Unfortunatly I had to undo most of the other project I knitted on as I had twisted my cast on so the resulting knitting was twisted through itself.

Tomorrow will probably be spent doing much of the same. I need to some how store up the energy to work next week, and restart maths classes. At least the first few weeks of that will be what I did during summer school.

The thing that worries me is that if this schedule is making me tired and then I'm getting ill because I'm tired, will I ever manage to have a proper job? Bah. My brain is being negative. I get like this in the middle of the night.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, you lovely people out there.

I'll try and have something interesting to tell you soon.x



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